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Israeli Blitz Motors teams up with Addionics

Tel Aviv, Blitz Motors


Israeli Blitz Motors teams up with Addionics

Tel Aviv-based Blitz Motors, which manufacturers smart scooters that serve a wide variety of local businesses including Dominos, Gorillas, Sushi Shop and the Israel Postal Authority, is teaming up with fellow Tel Aviv startup Addionics, whose innovative technology improves battery range while lowering production costs. These smart scooters or mopeds are powered by 3D battery.

Rather than tweaking the battery’s chemistry to improve performance, Addionics makes the battery’s electric current conductor more efficient using nanotechnology, making it both cheaper and lighter.

Addionics CEO Moshiel Biton told ISRAEL21c in 2021 that Addionics tech can “integrate smoothly into existing battery production lines”.

Addionics’ long-term goal is to power the batteries in electric cars by 2026. The deal with Blitz Motors is a first for both companies.

“We’ve spent years looking for the right partner to help us improve battery performance and cost in our fleet of electric mopeds to better serve our commercial and public sector customers”, said Blitz Motors CEO Raphael Mosynski.


“Two-wheeled vehicles experience significantly more wear and tear in a much shorter time than four-wheeled vehicles. Addionics will help us maximize our battery’s lifetime, by increasing range, reducing charging times and enhancing overall safety”.

“Our latest collaboration with Blitz Motors further demonstrates Addionics’ ability to scale our technology across all types of electric vehicles and, in doing so, accelerate the transition towards a greener, better future for all”, Biton said.

Addionics was established in 2018 and today operates in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Israel.

Blitz Motors is also going to expand its market in Europe and India.

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