IT expert speaks about the rules for using chatbots

If the question is formulated incorrectly, the chatbot runs the risk of not getting the right answer. About this March 15 ;Gazeta RU’said Dmitry Siluyanov, director of the digitalization direction of the client service of the League of Digital Economy.

The expert noted that the use of chatbots designed to answer user questions in an oral dialogue or correspondence is necessary according to certain rules.

“The capabilities of chatbots are limited to pre-built scenarios, so you should not try to do something with their help that they are not intended for. For example, if a chatbot can only show product options on request, then you should not try to place an order through it,” Siluyanov said.

According to him, it is necessary to formulate exact requests to get a more accurate answer. Otherwise, the chatbot may not recognize the meaning of the sentence.

Accordingly, questions should be asked in competent Russian.

“Modern colloquial dictionaries in conjunction with a neural network allow bots to correctly recognize text even with typos, but a correctly formulated request is a guarantee of an accurate answer. Do not forget that some words have several meanings – you should use them in the right context, ”the expert emphasized.

In addition, the bot does not need the details of the problem, as it can get confused and not understand the essence of the issue.

Earlier, on February 14, Vladislav Tushkanov, a senior data scientist at Kaspersky Lab, spoke about the dangers of chatbots with artificial intelligence. So, the answers they generate to questions can be unreliable, while they can look extremely convincing.

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