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Unisys announces latest biometric identity software


Unisys announces latest biometric identity software

Unisys announces latest biometric identity software

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Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) announced the availability of the latest version of Unisys Stealth(identity)™, the company’s biometric identity management software. Stealth(identity) is highly scalable and brings flexible biometric authentication and security to enterprises of any size, as well as offering an additional layer of identity-based protection capabilities for enterprises both on premises or in the cloud.

Stealth(identity)’s adaptive, risk-based authentication simplifies security policies and works with existing infrastructure, leading to a lower total cost of ownership in managing the full lifecycle from identity proofing through authorization for access, all with a single platform. Additionally, support for single sign-on capabilities adds a layer of protection for any application within the enterprise that demands positive authentication.

“Stealth(identity) offers trusted, verified identities to ensure that the individual with whom an organization is dealing with is the actual person they claim to be,” said Michael Morrison, vice president and general manager for Unisys Enterprise, Americas. “Irrefutable identity is vital for the digital transformation of enterprises as they pivot to address the ‘new normal’ access management landscape.”

Identity fraud remains a problem for consumers and businesses alike. A recent study found the total amount of money lost to identity fraud is on the rise – in fact, fraud losses in 2019 hit $16.9 billion. Irrefutable identity verification is also incredibly important to businesses looking to utilize rapid COVID-19 testing results as a means to both protect consumers and keep operations and services running during the pandemic

Stealth(identity) further expands upon previous versions with enhanced features, including:

Seamless, robust positive authentication utilizing passive liveness detection, including a managed identity interface that simultaneously cross-references biometric results against existing records from fingerprint readers, scanners and other recognition methods used by an organization. By matching a biometric capture with a verified, government-issued document, an enrolled user’s face becomes the same as presenting a passport or driver’s license, whether to get into a country, a facility or a network.

Network access control (NAC) integration that allows for an exchange of data from the Stealth(identity) software with a business’s current repository of data, including their active employee directory, to ensure that people attempting to access the network are employees with the appropriate access credentials.

A customizable and frictionless user experience, including a mobile and web-accessible software development kit that provides enhanced customization – for example, integration with thermal cameras – as well as QR code authentication which allows a user to quickly self-register and authenticate on a mobile device. Given the number of people still working remotely, requiring biometric authentication makes sense, especially for access to sensitive assets, or to authorize large financial transactions.

“Secure identity authentication is one of the most critical business challenges today, especially with many employees operating from home,” said Chris Kloes, vice president, Unisys Security Solutions. “Passwords and PINs can be forgotten, stolen, or spoofed. Stealth(identity) provides a cost-effective way to help defend against fraud and improper access, while an integrated biometrics platform makes the environment more secure while asking less of users – resulting in an improved user experience.”

Unisys biometric systems are designed to establish trust and determine access, whether to a building, a border, an airplane, or a protected digital asset in the cloud or on premise.

Unisys is a global IT services company that delivers successful outcomes for the most demanding businesses and governments. Unisys offerings include digital workplace services, cloud and infrastructure services and ​software operating environments for high-intensity enterprise computing. Unisys integrates security into all of its solutions. For more information on how Unisys delivers for its clients across the government, financial services and commercial markets.

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