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Can foreigner visit Thailand during lockdown?

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Can foreigner visit Thailand during lockdown?

According to media reports, while the government of Thailand has declared 28 provinces, including Bangkok, as high-risk zones as the number of coronavirus cases in the country is steadily rising – foreigners still can visit Thailand as there is no suspension of the current tourist visas – TR and STV. Tourists can still apply for the said visas at Thai consulates.

Only certain areas, marked as “red zones,” where infection and transmission are verified are put under strict restrictions. Authorities conduct contact tracing encouraging everyone who visited red zones to contact medical authorities and be tested. Thai people are quick to heed warnings and follow the restrictions to the dot.


Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-ocha urged the public to stay at home as much as possible to help contain the infection and to avoid a stricter lockdown. Unlike the previous lockdown last year, this new “lockdown” includes measures such as:

Avoid unnecessary travel as much as possible;

Mass gatherings are prohibited;

Shops and restaurants can operate from 10am~5pm;

All bars are closed and liquor ban is implemented.

Meaning, during stay in Thailand, foreigners will not be either able to visit any bar or find liquor as there is ban on liquors.


Earlier, back in September, Thai authorities decided to allow the foreigners on quarantine to have access to spa and massage facilities by following the social-distancing rules. But now, with the number of Covid-19 infection increasing, there is no such option for the tourists in getting access to spa or massage or whatsoever.

According to health officials in Thailand, the country is expecting vaccinating its people by the second half of 2022, which means, there is actually no reason for foreign tourists planning a Thai tour until the situation gets into normal and the people gets vaccinated.

Certainly this a extremely bad news for the tourism industry in the Kingdom, which is already facing extreme adversity due to pandemic complications that began in March last year.

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