Palestine, an interesting place with rich historic heritage


Palestine is one of the most interesting places not only in the Middle East but in the world. It has very unique culture, history, friendly people, traditional Arabic music, culture and of course variety of delicious food. So, it’s not only about Biblical places.

Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza have huge restrictions placed on their freedom of movement and many are unable to travel. So, visiting Palestine and the refugee camps in the Middle East is an important act of solidarity. While it is very difficult to travel to Gaza it is relatively easy to go to the West Bank. You can see for yourself the situation on the ground and act as a “multiplier” by returning and talking to others, formally and informally, about what you’ve seen.

There are many ways of visiting Palestine. Palestine is also an excellent place to study Arabic. Of course, with the historical sites, good food and wonderful climate, Palestine is also a great destination for a holiday. Those who visit Palestine learn more about the Palestinians’ life, while experiencing the country’s rich culture, history and scenery. These visits also result in lasting, lifelong friendships.

People throughout the world, including those in Bangladesh may not know the vibrant life in Palestine and the warmth of the people, despite the fact that Bangladesh maintains extremely cordial relations with the Palestinian people for decades. In addition to economy hotels and resorts in Palestine, there also are plenty of luxury and five-star hotels. Here I am mentioning names and locations of some of the hotels in Palestine:

Ararat Hotel, 153 Beit Sahour Road, Bethlehem; Jacir Palace Hotel Bethlehem, Jerusalem Hebron Road, Bethlehem; Palestinian Plaza Hotel, El Ersal Street, Ramallah; and Saint Gabriel Hotel, Saint Gabriel Street, Bethlehem; and Carmel Hotel, Ramallah. Room tariffs range between US$ 83 to US$ 138 per night.

The city of Ramallah

The sound of people selling a variety of fruits – strawberries, loquat, green almonds and green chickpeas – is common in Ramallah. These might sound exotic, but they’re common here.

This sound is so representative of Ramallah – it is at once reminiscent of a different era, but is also a practice that manages to continue to exist amid the bustle of daily life.

Ramallah is the epicenter of Palestinian nightlife: cafes, pubs, lounges, countless house parties, dive bars, hipster joints and fine dining are all within easy reach. On a weekend you’ll find traditional coffee shops packed with people smoking shisha. Palestinians are very lively, love to sing and to celebrate festive occasions.

Ramallah is a unique city, the hub of Palestine’s tech activity and full of coffee shops, great food, and a bustling “scene” for techies and artists alike. Ramallah also is home to a sizable expat community of diplomats, journalists, and NGO workers from all over the world. The city is safe, lively, and incredibly welcoming – many who visit end up returning to the city with their friends and colleagues.

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