Uncle Cheffy, a restaurant full of life

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Roads in Manila’s Malate area are mostly seen filled with Jeepneys and tricycles. Hardly there is a foreigner these days, although the Philippines’ tourism industry is once again witnessing boom, Manila, in particular, is not yet is amongst the top choices to the tourists. Most of the restaurants, bars, and bistros in the Philippines also are mostly empty with just a few customers during the evening hours. Restaurant, bar and bistro owners say, they already are suffering from financial loss each month as their earnings are decreasing with the increasing trend of rent and other expenses. Within Malate area, there are dozens of restaurants, which aren’t getting enough of customers, while some of those eateries are quite frequently facing the challenges of being shut down. But this is not the case when it is Uncle Cheffy, once of the most popular restaurants-cum-shisha house in the locality. Foods are delicious, the atmosphere is great and above all, this has a team of ever-smiling staffs who not only pay the highest attention to each of the customers, but they rather inspire them in returning to Uncle Cheffy almost every day.

To my own judgment, Uncle Cheffy is not a mere restaurant or eatery. It is one of those places, where people can relax and enjoy the food and of course, during each evening, there are live concerts. To most of the customers of Uncle Cheffy, its regular singer Tintin is a great attraction, as she not only enthralls her audience with her powerful and melodious voice but also graciously tries to sing all of the songs requested by the music-lover customers of the eatery.

The man, who actually is leading the entire team of waiters and waitresses in Uncle Cheffy is Renato Rufino Nats. To most of the regular customers of this eatery, he is known as Nats. Being a charming, ever-smiling and extremely attentive professional, Natz always wants to make sure – each of his customers is treated equally and they are encouraged in returning to Uncle Cheffy every time. Nats will inquire about anything – from food to drink to the flavor of the shisha. She is like the best friend to each of the customers of this restaurant.

While mots of the restaurants, bars and bistros in Manila are facing challenges in getting sufficient customers, what is the secrets behind Uncle Cheffy’s good luck? The answer is simple! People always love going back to this eatery because of the very warm and friendly team of waiters and waitresses. None of the customers at Uncle Cheffy feel ignored or unattended. Instead, everyone feels the warmth of being in a family. This is the most wonderful point with this eatery. Thanks to its Iraqi chef for mouth-watering delicious food and of course, Nats for helping the customers in making the best choice from the menu.

If you are planning to visit Manila or are already there, please do not forget to spend one evening or noon at the Uncle Cheffy. You are going to fall in love of it.

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