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After banning import of vaccines and causing Corona tsunami, Iranian regime opens school

American and British vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, Lambda and Delta Corona virus mutations, Raisi, Khameini


After banning import of vaccines and causing Corona tsunami, Iranian regime opens school

These days, there are many articles in the state-run press that question Khamenei because of the crime of banning the import of valid American and British vaccines.

‘One of the most important factors in the country’s failure to manage the Corona crisis, including delays in vaccinating Iranians, is the discussion of politicization and the ideologicalization of science and specialized and medical issues,’ wrote Mustafa Moin, the head of the Supreme Council of the Medical System. ‘Delay in vaccination has set a negative pattern in the world’.

The Hamedli newspaper September 1, 2021 wrote: ‘The delay in importing the vaccine caused the death of many compatriots … Allegations that there were political problems with the import of the vaccine; Not acceptable. ! ‘If there was a problem with buying a foreign vaccine before, then why not now?’

In response to this question, Reuters (English) wrote on September 16, 2021: ‘Iran approved the use of the Covid-19 vaccine by the American company Johnson & Johnson. The announcement comes eight months after Ali Khamenei banned the import of US-British vaccines. ‘While the Corona outbreak is on the rise at its deadliest wave ever, it is under public pressure [read: Fear of Explosive Anger] to expand vaccine resources’.

The criminal policy of reopening schools and the concerns of parents

While Iran is embroiled in the Lambda and Delta Corona virus mutations, Khamenei and Raisi in a criminal act intend to reopen schools even in the red provinces.

‘Necessary preparations have been made for the reopening of schools and scientific-educational centers and the reduction of restrictions on the activities of economic centers’ (Khabar News Network, 18 September 2021).

Vatan-e-Amrooz (Regime) newspaper wrote on this subject on September 1, 2020: ‘The Ministry of Education insists that the schools should reopen this year so that the trainings can be combined, but no final decision has yet been made by the National Corona Headquarters and the Ministry of Education on how to reopen the schools’.

Opposition to reopening schools

Dr. Hamid Souri, epidemiologist in response to the question of whether we can reopen schools in the next three weeks or not? ‘We are still in the process of the fifth courier, and no country will open schools or release communities in this situation,’ he said. These actions are actually fueling an epidemic in a very acute situation. Strategies for reopening schools that should be done, which have not yet been done ‘(Irana News Agency (regime). – September 28, 2021).

The government website Salamat News wrote: Opposing the reopening of schools, Kazem Delkhosh Abatari, a member of the parliament, said: ‘The Ministry of Education should not take action to reopen schools until the children of the people have been vaccinated’ (Majles News Agency – September 14, 2021).

The announcement of the reopening of schools coincides with the upward trend of Delta in the country has created a wave of concerns. Mohammad Reza Mahboobfar, a university professor, told the government newspaper Hamdali on September 28, 2020: ‘Schools and universities, as well as attending rallies, can only be provided and allowed for people who have been vaccinated twice. The age of corona heart disease has decreased and the corona catastrophe has reached children, adolescents and young people. 4,000 children and infants suspected of having corona hospitalization in Kermanshah in just one month or 52 children dying from corona heart disease in just one and a half years and 1,800 children with corona heart disease in Isfahan province since the beginning of this year ‘(Has seriously questioned (the reopening of schools)’.

Dr. Kourosh Holakouee, a professor of epidemiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, acknowledged Khamenei’s macro-killing policy and said: ‘Nowhere in the world has the virus spread and will not spread this freedom. In fact, we have left the virus open and some people are benefiting from it, and it does not matter to them that people die thousands upon thousands. But estimates put the death toll at two and a half to three. But I say that you can increase the death toll by up to seven times. Now the corona has become a tool with which everything can be done, and it seems that this disease serves the interests of many people ‘(Electoral Government Website, September 3, 2021).

25% increase in textbooks compared to last year

According to Article 30 of the regime’s constitution, education is free at all levels. But the government mafia by raising the price of textbooks to student tuition; At the beginning of the school year, millions of families are struggling to make ends meet; It has made it impossible for students to register.

‘Ahmad Reza Amini’, Director General of Supervision of Publication and Distribution of Educational Materials, to Shargh newspaper. ‘In response to the dropout of more than one million students, they have not yet registered for textbooks due to their inability to provide textbooks … In general, the price of textbooks has increased by 25% compared to last year,’ the regime said.

Jahan-e-Sanat newspaper wrote in an article entitled ‘A catastrophe is on its way’ on September 18, 2020: With this account, to send every teenager to school, the family must bear the cost of up to three million tomans. ‘While due to the economic consequences of the corona outbreak – inevitable unemployment and the high cost of public necessities due to inflation and the devaluation of the rial, millions of people in the lower class have joined the ranks of the unemployed and the needy’.

Corona, poverty and dropout of students

‘We must take students ‘dropouts seriously,’ Hassan Mousavi-Chelek, president of the Social Workers’ Association, told the state-run Arman newspaper on September 18, 2021, examining the relationship between poverty and student dropouts. ‘Because of the economic situation, the situation that families face, the high costs it’s for families, and on the other hand, forcing families to have children in the workplace to provide part of the cost of living is a serious issue’.

It should be noted that on Sunday, October 11, 2020, ‘Mohammad Mousavizadeh’, an 11-year-old student in Deir city in the south of Bushehr province, committed suicide by hanging himself due to lack of a smartphone and the impossibility of attending online classes.

Why do Khamenei and the executioner insist on reopening schools?

The fundamental question is why Khamenei and Raise insist on the early reopening of schools at the beginning of the sixth corona courier, despite the opposition of the medical community and the lack of vaccinations in the country’s education system?

In addition to the economic benefits of the government mafia over tuition to textbook sales and the huge profitability of student commuting; The regime has serious political and security concerns about not opening schools, and is deeply concerned about the release of this explosive group.

Yes, the regime fears an army of millions of pupils and students in alliance with the army of the unemployed and the hungry, who will act as the main force and engine of the nationwide uprising.

Al-Mashhadal al-Arabi website wrote in the issue of September 16, 2021, Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian opposition, said: ‘Conscious youth, hand in hand, are spreading protest movements and protests and strikes’.

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