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Biden hug-a-thon to raise campaign cash?


Biden hug-a-thon to raise campaign cash?

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Longtime politician Joe Biden, vice president under Barack Obama, on Thursday added his name to the long list of Democrats seeking their party’s nomination for president in 2020.

So talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh immediately offered him a solution to the still-developing scandal over women who have accused him of hugging or touching them inappropriately and sniffing their hair.

“I think Joe ought to announce the hug-a-thon. I think he ought to have hug-a-thon fundraiser, he’ll sniff the hair of any woman who wants to give him a hundred bucks, he’ll hug them and do whatever,” Limbaugh said.

“Hugs all over America. I mean, you could have one of these in every city. You gotta deal with this head on. He can say he will not sleep until he has hugged the last female donor. Maybe making smelling the hair an additional $50. Maybe just the hundred dollars gets you the hug. And the minimum hug time is 10 seconds.”

Biden has promised he will respect others’ personal space more in the future, even as he’s cracked jokes about the charges.

Limbaugh continued: “Now, you’d have to have a waiver. I mean, all huggees would have to sign a waiver promising not to sue Sleepy Joe for sexual harassment. Could you feel the excitement of this? Can you imagine one of these fundraisers? Can you imagine the media showing up at a ‘you can be hugged and hair snuffed by Joe Biden’ for 150 bucks? It would be big.”

Limbaugh pointed out Biden’s many years in Washington and many political positions.

“Not only was he in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act, he opposed gay people working for the government. That’s how long Joe Biden has been in Washington,” he said.

And he noted the criticism, “‘Shouldn’t we all be a bit creeped out by his nonchalant dismissal of his own hair-sniffing antics as a desire to ‘connect’ with people and by his bizarre sense of entitlement to our nation’s highest office?’”

Limbaugh said, “They asked the question, ‘Why are you sniffing women’s hair?’”

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