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Chinese University of Hong Kong to implement new campus access control measures

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Chinese University of Hong Kong to implement new campus access control measures

Students and staffers of the Chinese University of Hong Kong must tap their cards at smart gates set up at the campus’ entrances from August 30 in preparation for face-to-face classes in the new school year.

With reference to other local universities, CUHK said the implementation of a series of access control measures will protect the campus, as well as teachers and students as more people will go in and out of the campus comparing to the last school year, when most classes have been switched to online ones amid large-scale Covid-19 outbreaks.

CUHK staff housing residents or outsourced workers will receive smart cards issued by the respective residential halls or departments to replace their existing paper entry cards, which will then be verified by the card reader. They may be required to present their HKID cards if necessary.

Pre-registered visitors will receive a QR code issued by the relevant residential halls, departments, or school via the online system for admission purposes.

The QR code is valid for use by the designated visitor only on the specified date. Registered visitors are required to present their QR codes, and HKID cards if necessary for verification at the campus entrance.

CUHK alumni credit card holders are required to present their credit cards, and HKID cards if necessary, at the campus entrance as usual for admission purposes.

Other visitors have to register their HKID cards or other identification documents at the entrance before access. The university reserves the right to refuse any entry.

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