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Democrats lose confidence in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

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Democrats lose confidence in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Less than a year of “electing” Joe Biden as the president of the United States of America, majority of the Democratic Party leaders and voters have started feeling repented of making a bad choice while they see Kamala Harris as a disaster. According to media reports, a year before the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans hold a clear lead on the congressional ballot as President Joe Biden’s approval rating sinks to a new low of 38 percent.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, found that Biden’s support cratered among the independent voters who delivered his margin of victory over President Donald Trump one year ago.

Biden and his party are poised for a rebound, advocates argue, after the House passed a US$1.2 trillion “hard” infrastructure bill late Friday, sending the signature measure to Biden’s desk for his signature. An encouraging economic report released Friday morning showed stronger-than-expected job growth.

That said, the survey illuminates the size of the hole Democrats need to dig out of as they look toward the elections in one year – on Nov. 8, 2022 – that will determine control of Congress and shape the second two years of Biden’s term.

At the moment, views of the president have soured.

Among the findings:

Nearly half of those surveyed, 46 percent, say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16 percent of those who voted for him. Independents, by 7-1 (44 percent-6 percent), say he’s done worse, not better, than they expected.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 64 percent, say they don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024. That includes 28 percent of Democrats.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is 28 percent – even worse than Biden’s. The poll shows that 51 percent disapprove of the job she’s doing. One in 5, 21 percent, are undecided.

If the election were today, those surveyed say, they would vote for their Republican congressional candidate over the Democratic one by 46 percent-38 percent, an advantage that would bode well for GOP hopes of gaining a majority in the House and the Senate. In a president’s first midterm election, his party usually loses ground, and this time the GOP needs to flip just five seats in the House and one in the Senate to claim control.

That outcome would make it even harder for Biden to pass legislation – already a difficult task in a Democratic-controlled Congress – and open the door to aggressive Republican oversight of his administration.

Looking into the public opinion, it is safe to predict that the Biden-Harris administration is truly going to face a real hard time started right after the midterm elections, while there is no real hope for Biden to run for reelection and for Harris to run for presidency in 2024. Instead, following the midterm polls, aspirant candidates in the Democratic Party would become more active in creating grounds for them, which will surely result in severe criticism for Biden and Harris from the beginning of 2023.

In my opinion, Democratic Party has committed blunder by choosing Joe Biden for presidency and now onwards they will certainly pay the political leverage for such blunder. On the other hand, for Kamala Harris, this is going to be an end to her political career.

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