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DPRK newspaper editorial calls to make bumper harvest


DPRK newspaper editorial calls to make bumper harvest

DPRK newspaper editorial calls to make bumper harvest

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All the farms across the country should give foremost importance to science in farming in order to reap a good harvest in every field next year, says Rodong Sinmun in an editorial on Saturday.

To bring about a decisive turn in grain production by thoroughly implementing the Party policy of scientific farming is an honorable task of the officials and workers in the agricultural field at present, says the editorial, and goes on:

The present era is the one of scientific farming and agricultural production depends on agricultural science and technology, not on climatic conditions.

In order to bring about a radical turn in seed selection, conduct distribution and cultivation of different crops and strains in a proper way and introduce advanced farming methods, it is necessary for the farmers to prioritize science and technology, being well versed in them.

The fundamental key to increasing agricultural production in our country, where the area of arable land is limited, is to raise the per-hectare yield to the maximum by doing farm work scientifically and technologically, as required by the Party’s agricultural policy and the Juche farming method.

Many farms in the plain, intermediary, mountainous and coastal areas increased grain production despite severe natural disasters, which vividly proved that the scientific farming is the key to making it possible to bring about highest and safe yield despite unfavorable weather conditions.

The editorial calls upon all the officials and workers in the agricultural field to make bumper harvest by thoroughly implementing the Party’s policy of scientific farming out of a firm will to uphold the Party and safeguard the revolution with increased cereal production.


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