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From Hitler Restaurant to sex hotel and a growing madness


From Hitler Restaurant to sex hotel and a growing madness

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Something must have gone wrong in Thailand. Shockingly, fascist dictator Adolf Hitler has become a craze amongst a section of the Thai populace. In a particularly popular design, Hitler is transformed into a cartoon Ronald McDonald, the fast-food chain’s clown mascot, sporting a bouffant cherry-red hairdo and a stern look.

On another T-shirt the Führer is shown in a lovely panda costume with a Nazi armband.

In September 2011 in the northern city of Chiang Mai, a group of high school students showed up for sport day in homemade Nazi uniforms, complete with swastika armbands and toy guns.

Leading them was a teenage girl dressed in a faux SS uniform with a fake Hitler mustache.

Locals cheered the students merrily from sidewalks as foreign tourists reportedly looked on aghast.

In 2009, a waxworks museum in the seaside resort town of Pattaya advertised itself with a giant billboard featuring the Führer with the legend in Thai: ‘Hitler is not dead!’

In 2007, hundreds of students at a Bangkok school staged a similar Nazi-themed costume parade.

Following international outcries, teachers at both schools apologized, saying they had no idea the students had planned to dress up as Nazis.

Now, here is another disturbing report on a food outlet named ‘Hitler Fried Chicken’, located in Bangkok city in Thailand. They outlet opened in June 2013 and nobody knows what to make of it.

Alan Robertson, who lives in Bangkok went in for a bite and got some fried chicken, which was pretty good, and asked the guy behind the counter why it was called Hitler. He just shrugged his shoulders and said the owners had thought it was good image.

Cartoon pandas, Teletubbies and Ronald McDonald have all been spotted on show around the capital Bangkok. The craze has seen more and more teenagers strutting around in T-shirts bearing cartoonish images of the Nazi dictator or his infamous sign – swastika. Thai Shopkeepers admit that foreign tourists often complain about their Hitler kitsch merchandise – but say the t-shirts are extremely popular with young people.

Nazi Chic:

Nazi chic’, a shocking new trend has seen Bangkok flooded with cartoon images of Hitler – including a popular design in which the dictator is merged with red-haired McDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald.

Five years ago, Thailand’s prestigious Chulalongkorn University placed the huge banner outside its art school without its “ignorant students” realizing that a mural of Hitler with his arm raised in a Nazi salute would offend anyone. “It is only one clenched fist away from a Superman pose after all” said no one ever.

The students had included the tyrannical leader to highlight the fact that good and bad people co-exist in the world, but it probably didn’t help that the graduating students were then photographed imitating the Nazi leader’s salute, as opposed to pretending to hulk out or wearing an imitation rubber Batman outfit. Supposedly, the study of history in the Thai education system revolves mainly around the history of Thailand itself, with little focus on world history and events like the Holocaust.

In 2014 an officially sanctioned film commissioned by Thai authorities had caused outrage and bafflement after viewers noticed it used imagery of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The short film – one of a series commissioned by government to promote “Twelve Values” it wants the kingdom’s youth to adopt – told the seemingly innocuous story of two schoolboys who learn to accept that winning and losing is part of life.

But viewers were left shocked by the animated opening sequence which clearly showed one of the boys in a classroom completing a portrait of the Nazi chief standing in front of a large swastika.

“This is a massive failure of understanding of history by a Thai administration that has explicitly mentioned wanting to teach history,” Responsible History Education Action, a website set up to combat the use of Nazi imagery in Thailand, said in a posting.

“We are concerned and deeply saddened that the image of Hitler and a Nazi swastika was featured in a government video meant to extol values to the Thai people,” the website, set up by an American expat based in Thailand, added.

The director of the film, Kulp Kaljaruek, told AFP he did not mean to cause offence but instead was trying to illustrate the child’s moral progress.

“It’s symbolic. The child is going in the wrong direction. But I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” said Kulp, whose father is head of Kantana Group, one of Thailand’s largest film studios.

“You know Hitler had quite strong power in the past. But not in a good way. So it’s like he [the boy] is learning from that until he becomes a good person at the end,” he said.

In an article titled ‘No, that’s not a swastika’, gave some narration about Hitler and swastika trend in Thailand.

Here is one more link titled – ‘Why Nazi Chic is sweeping in Thailand’.

ThailandNow website says – Thai youths are fond of Hitler. According to this website, “Youth in the Thai capital Bangkok walks away with Adolf Hitler. The Austrian is often seen on T-shirts and also the young people have no problem with bringing to the former Nazi leader named greeting. is at Hitler T-shirts for example, depicted as Teletubby or Ronald McDonald, reports CNN Go. The tops cost five to ten dollars and go like hot cakes, says a boutique owner. “Some tourists go completely out of their minds when they see the shirts,” says the man who called himself ‘Hut’ late call. “Listen, I’m no fan of Hitler, but a businessman. The shirts look funny and are popular among the youth.” Hitler’s glorification is not the first time in Thailand fuss is about Hitler’s glorification. So there was a high school in Bangkok in 2007 the Nazi theme is nice for the annual prom. It led to international outrage and an apology from school directors and teachers.”

According to another website, a French tourist was shocked by the Nazi gear and other souvenir with Adolf Hitler’s image being sold so broadly on the side of the street in Pattaya, a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Alexandre Jandaeng was surprised and offended by the vendor selling the Nazi flags that did not understand why he was being offended by his product that he is trying to sell. The situation started to escalate after the tourist took a picture of the said souvenirs and reported to the tourist police officer on duty about the legality of the items as all the ‘Nazi symbols’ are banned in his country. The vendor did not get any legal tickets thrown at him for selling said souvenirs, however the French tourist did not get the answer he expected from the police officer who explained to him that Thai laws does not ban any swastika and other Nazi paraphernalia solely based on the fact that it didn’t affect the Thai people.

The infamous sex hotel:

And all of us are by now aware of the Thai sex hotel named ‘Villa Love Hotel’ had come under fire after its new “Communist-themed” chamber featured murals of Adolf Hitler and Nazi propaganda. Although these disturbing objects had already been removed from this hotel by the Thai authorities, video footages of this hotel still takes you inside the room in the Villa Love Hotel which is said to be extremely popular among swingers and randy groups looking for orgies for US$ 12 per three hours to each additional hour costing around US$ 5. Each room of the hotel has a drive-in car park with a curtain, so guests can remain anonymous. The hotel, which is open 24 hours a day, has a variety of other styled rooms, such as Cowboy, Hollywood, India, Japan, Loveboat, Matrix, spider and war. However, the “Communist” room was one of the “most special”.

My conclusions:

For more than a decade, I have been confronting antisemitism and Holocaust denial, though unfortunately I have observed a kind of lethargy within the Jewish community in standing firm with me in my mission of life. Possibly they think, my mission is ‘unimportant’ or they have plenty of individuals doing the same as me. But I must say – they totally are wrong. There is not even a single individual in the entire world, who had endured so much of pains and agonies for the ‘crimes’ of confronting radical Islam; denouncing antisemitism and Holocaust denial; defending the State of Israel and promoting interfaith harmony. There are plenty of con artists and fake individuals (both non-Jewish and Jews), who are, either in the name of promoting interfaith harmony or confronting antisemitism fooling people around the world and making tons of money. To them – such ‘missions’ are just part of their profession – if not the only source of earnings. I know a lot of such individuals, who even are portrayed as ‘heroes’ by some Jewish people and organizations.

But again, none of us can afford either sitting silent or simply accept defeat to the hands of those fake friends of Jews and Israel. I especially would count on support from the Zionists and real defenders of Israel in making a very louder voice in pressing our demand to the Thai authorities in immediately banning production and promotion of Hitler and swastika images and any souvenir etc bearing such notorious symbols.

If we cannot immediately raise our voice, in Malaysia, a new restaurant named ‘Hitler’s Delight’ would go into operation by the beginning of 2019. This restaurant project is initiated by a Palestinian having Hamas connections and it would certainly get direct patronization from antisemitic prime minister of that country – Mahathir Bin Mohamad.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a multi award winning anti militancy journalist and editor of Blitz. He can be contacted at: Facebook.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Regina Elenor Fisher

    October 11, 2018 at 09:02

    Symbols of the Third Reich and pictures of Hitler in hotels, restaurants and on clothing. Is there no end to the depravity in this world? Are these consumers in Thailand really that unaware or just completely apathetic to the horrors of the Holocaust? If ever there was a need for educating the public on the Holocaust, it is now! For those that do not know about the Nazi’s they also targeted Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled individuals and political adversaries, as well as the Jews. They were evil and using their symbols as a means of pushing consumerism is not only morally wrong, it is dangerous. It sends the message that what happened was not so bad or maybe that it did not happen at all!
    Jews can be lethargic in responding to antisemitism as the writer of this article points out. One possible reason why this might occur, is perhaps because there seems to be a never ending barrage of antisemitism to deal with; which may lead to a kind of apathy. This is not an excuse, just my thought on a possible explanation. None the less the Jewish Community needs to continue to fight this scourge, as Mr Choudhury has been doing for the last decade. We owe him our gratitude and support for fighting antisemitism, holocaust denial and radical extremism.

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