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Hardwired Foundation celebrates its fifth anniversary


Hardwired Foundation celebrates its fifth anniversary

Press Release

Richmond, VA: Hardwired announced its 5th anniversary as an organization working to alleviate the suffering of people who are oppressed for their beliefs.  To celebrate their progress, Hardwired will host a Gala on November 17, 2018 at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia – the city where Thomas Jefferson secured this freedom for our own country nearly 250 years ago.  Kathy Ireland, the founder, CEO and Chief Designer of kiWW (kathy ireland Worldwide), will deliver the keynote address at the Gala. Kathy shares Hardwired’s vision to build a more compassionate world for people of all beliefs, and has actively partnered with the organization to defend Yazidi sex slaves and persecuted communities in Iraq and Sudan since 2014.

“It’s a great honor to prayerfully support the extraordinary work of Hardwired.  These peaceful warriors work powerfully to advance dignity and freedom in the face of religious oppression, which, as the world sees, is escalating every day.”  

Kathy Ireland

Hardwired was founded on one simple idea: that every person is hardwired for freedom and deserves the right to think, live, and worship according to their conscience and faith.

Hardwired Founder and CEO, Tina Ramirez, stated, “We live in a country that was founded on the blood, sweat and tears of individuals who courageously fought for us to have the freedom to live in peace with one another regardless of our beliefs.  However, most people in the world do not have the freedom to believe what they want and they desperately need leaders like these who will help them attain religious freedom. That is what Hardwired does.”

Since Ramirez began Hardwired, the organization has trained and equipped nearly 300 “Defenders of Freedom” in Sudan, Iraq, India, Nepal, and Nigeria who are bringing justice to the oppressed.  In 2016, Hardwired began working with Ministries of Education across the Middle East and North Africa, and has trained dozens of teachers to help children learn to value the freedom of others and counter the ideas of religious intolerance and extremism spreading in their communities.

“The leaders we train are on the frontlines, risking their lives to make religious freedom a reality for others.  They believe they are hardwired for freedom and they do not want their children to experience the violence and death they have had to face because of religious intolerance and hatred.  That is why they fight for this freedom,” Ramirez stated.

Over the past five years, Hardwired has strategically positioned itself in countries and regions where religious freedom is most needed in order to stay ahead of global conflict.  The organization has been successful at evolving and expanding its programs to establish defenders of freedom who are changing the legal and social structures that fuel religious violence and extremism.  These leaders are able to de-escalate situations before they arise and uphold freedom even when the door is closed to outside help.

For more information on Hardwired’s Fifth Anniversary Gala, please visit today!

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