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Hindu boy murdered inside mosque in India, cops favor killers


Hindu boy murdered inside mosque in India, cops favor killers

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In a horrific incident, a minor Hindu boy, a resident of Bela Dih village of Kateya in Gopalganj, Bihar, was taken to a mosque and killed. His body was then thrown into a nearby river. When the parents of the minor reached the police station with a complaint, they were brutally beaten up by the police. The conditions became so hostile that the family was compelled to leave the village and relocate to somewhere in Uttar Pradesh.

In what transpired on March 28, 2020, few Muslim boys living nearby came to Rajesh Jaiswal’s house and took his minor child with them at the pretext of playing cricket. Rajesh Jaiswal belongs to a poor OBC family and used to sell pakoras in the village for a living.

 OpIndia gets in touch with the minor Hindu boy’s father

When OpIndia got in touch with Rajesh, he confirmed that the neighbors who took his 15-year-old son, Rohit, with them, who were all Muslims. Rohit was first taken to the mosque, where he was ‘sacrificed’, confirmed Rajesh while speaking to OpIndia. Actually a new mosque had been built in the village and it was a common belief among Muslims that if a Hindu was ‘sacrificed’ the mosque would become powerful and its influence would increase. This is the reason his son was taken to the mosque secretly.

The guardians of those Muslim children, who were sent to call Rohit, were waiting for all the children in that new mosque. When they reached there along with Rohit, he was captured and allegedly strangulated to death. There are allegations that six people were involved in the heinous act.

Minor Hindu boy’s sister alleges police took bribe from accused

In a video, Rohit’s sister can be seen crying and pleading for help. She is heard saying that her brother was killed and dumped in the river nearby. She alleges that the police had taken a bribe from the accused, hence they were not taking any action against the killers.

OpIndia approached Gopalganj police for statement

The Opindia spoke to Gopalganj SP who informed that action has been taken in the matter and an FIR has also been registered. He refused to respond to the allegations of the victim’s family and said that only the SDPO would be able to say anything in this regard as the investigation of the case has been entrusted on him. However, when OpIndia tried to contact the Hathua SDPO he refused to say anything in this regard saying that he was busy.

Victim’s father Rajesh said that when he went to the police for the first time with his complaint, the Station President Ashwani Tiwari was reluctant to write the FIR. He even offered to arrange a compensation of Rs 8 lakh from the government and coaxed Rajesh not to lodge an FIR. Rajesh alleges that the police also made the postmortem report according to their whims. The dead body of the child was taken inside the post mortem room for barely 2-3 minutes and postmortem was completed alleged Rajesh, raising serious questions on the callousness and apathy of the police in handling the case.

Rajesh confirmed to OpIndia, that a heavy object was tied to the dead body of Rohit to make sure that the body gets fully drowned and does not reappear once it’s dumped in the river. Despite the police being aware of the entire incident, they kept telling Rajesh that only if he accepts that the death of the child was due to an accident, will he will get the compensation money.

Rajesh said he cried and said that he only needs justice, but Rajesh, somehow, felt that seeing the current scenario, he feels that his family will never get justice.

He confirmed that many media outlets have approached him and spoken to him but none dared to report the incident since Muslims were involved.

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