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Indian female restaurateur comes under Islamist attack

Thushara Ajith Kallayil, Kerala, Non-Halal, Nandhuzzz Kitchen


Indian female restaurateur comes under Islamist attack

Thushara Ajith Kallayil, a female restaurateur who opened an exclusive non-halal restaurant in Kerala’s Ernakulam on January 15, 2021, suffered serious injuries in a brutal assault on Monday, October 25. Writes Ashlyn Davis.

Thushara Ajith Kallayil, a female restaurateur who opened an exclusive non-halal restaurant in Kerala’s Ernakulam on January 15, 2021, suffered serious injuries in a brutal assault on Monday, October 25. It has been alleged that she was attacked by the halal mafia for serving non-halal meat and pork. Thushara has been receiving threats from Muslims ever since she opened her first restaurant, Nandhuzzz Kitchen, at the Palarivattom, and openly advertised that her restaurant served non-halal meat and pork, going against Islamic religious law and are catering to Hindus and Sikhs. The first of its kind, Thusara’s restaurant attracted huge crowds.

Prompted by the positive response of customers, Thushara decided to expand her business and booked commercial space at Kakkanad. She has also invested generously in her new project. Muslims in the state of Kerala were angered by seeing restaurants cropping up in the state that served meat that didn’t comply with their religious beliefs, as these restaurants were taking business away from the halal mafia. Thushara says that these economic jihadis have been trying to find ways to annihilate Hindu businesses in and around the thriving InfoPark area of Kakkanad.

Thushara reveals that she has been getting threats since last week; she was warned against advertising non-halal food on signboards, and against serving pork in the Kakkanad area. But she refused to give in to these Muslims, and went ahead with her project; the restauranteur was preparing to inaugurate the new dining space. However, the trouble intensified when she visited the site a few days ago.

She was confronted by jihadis who didn’t stop at just verbally threatening her, but physically assaulted her as well. They tore off her clothes, kicked her in the stomach, and hit her in the chest. The blows were so brutal that the female entrepreneur began to urinate blood. It was then that her staff, armed with with kitchen knives, rushed to rescue her. Thushara had to be hospitalized. There are prominent signs of the attack on her breast. She recounted the disturbing experience in a Facebook video.

A victim of Muslim mob violence, Thushara says she received no assistance from the local police. While they refused to lodge her complaint against the Muslims, the police in turn accused her of selling non-halal meat, and lodged a case against Thushara’s husband Ajith, who was not even present at the site when the violence broke out. Police were waiting outside the hospital room to arrest her, Thushara stated.

It is difficult to comprehend the action by the police and their response to the beating of Thushara. India is a secular and independent country in which citizens are allowed to engage in any legal business and practice their faith. Thushara’s business of selling non-halal meat was in accord with the faith she follows, and was not illegal. So why did the police ignore the Muslim mob and book Thushara?

To understand this, one needs to understand the dynamics of Kerala. This southern state of India has been ruled for years by a pro-Islamic Communist government. Under the rule of this Communist government, proponents of jihad and Sharia have thrived in the state. It has become a breeding ground for ISIS, which has over 3200 sleeper cells there. The Communist government cannot afford to anger the Muslims of the state, as they are a major voting bloc. The state police generally obey the state government and do what state officials demand, even at the risk of committing an unconstitutional act.

As for halal food, the South Asian market is at a stage where the halal economy is destroying all other businesses. Not only meat products, but even grains and spices are sold with halal certification. The growth of the halal economy translates to jobs for Muslims, which is a faith-based employment and discriminatory against non-Muslims. A halal certification attests that the product complies with Islamic law and is permissible to be used by a Muslim. Promoting halal products to non-Muslims is a passive imposition of Islam on them, given that it forces non-Muslims to purchase and consume a product approved under Islamic law. Consumers around the world must wake up to the seemingly harmless halal jihad that is tightening its tentacles around global economies.

Meanwhile, according to New Indian Express, the restaurant owner has been charged by police for making false allegations.

The report said: The alleged incident in which a woman was assaulted for putting up a  ‘non-halal food’ board in front of her eatery here has taken a curious turn, with police registering a case against the woman and her partner for encroaching upon the land of another hotel owner and beating up two persons, following a clash over the eatery’s ownership.

In the incident’s aftermath, Infopark police launched a probe against four persons — Thushara Nandu, owner of the hotel, her husband Ajith, Appu and one unidentified person, who are still at large. Police said the ‘made up’  story posted on social media was meant to draw attention to Thushara and mislead the ongoing inquiry. Nakul S Babu and Binoj George, who were targeted, sustained severe injuries in the attack.

The incident happened on Sunday evening. According to police, Thushara,  her husband and two accomplices had removed a chat kiosk in front of the restaurant, ‘Dine’, run by Nakul at Chil Se Food Spot in the food court at Nilampathinjimukal under Infopark police station limits.

The restaurant is near the eatery owned by Thushara which is yet to be opened. On being questioned, Ajith and others attacked Nakul and Binoj with lethal weapons. Binoj who sustained severe injuries underwent surgery.

However, the story of assault for non-halal food board was spread on social media after Thushara lodged a complaint against Nakul and Binoj for attacking her and outraging her modesty. Meanwhile, Nakul also approached police with a complaint alleging that Thushara and her husband manhandled them.

On investigation, police found that the allegations levelled by Thushara were baseless. They also found that what happened was a planned attack by Ajith and Thushara.

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1 Comment

  1. Taslim

    October 30, 2021 at 13:49

    This one is fake news. Meanwhile, thanks to the editorial team of BLiTZ for publishing the truth, which has been reported in another Indian newsaper.

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