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James Woods says, ‘Sweetie, you’re never going to recover from your big lie’


James Woods says, ‘Sweetie, you’re never going to recover from your big lie’

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James Woods is no stranger to American politics, and now the actor is urging Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren to give up her hopes to win the presidency in 2020.

“Sweetie, you’re never going to recover from your Big Lie,” Woods tweeted Tuesday, referring to Warren’s claim that she’s an American Indian, for which she has since apologized.

“You’re done,” he continued. “Pack up your teepee and follow the buffalo herd. Happy Trails… #Liewatha.”

Woods was directly reacting to a video post on Twitter by Warren, who explained, “Why I’m voting no on William Barr’s confirmation” to be President Trump’s attorney general.

“[President Trump] wants 2 things from his Attorney General: loyalty to Trump, and a willingness to put the interests of the powerful few ahead of everyone else,” Warren said.

“William Barr checks both those boxes. And that’s exactly why I’ll be voting no.”

Some on social media responded to Warren’s video, saying:

“Please tell us the last Trump appointee you voted for. Actually, please tell us ANY Trump appointee you voted for.”

“Perhaps the new AG will ensure Texas pursues charges against you for lying on the Bar application.”

“Sen. Warren, why can’t you simply say, ‘THE REASON I’M VOTING NO IS BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP WANTS WILLIAM BARR CONFIRMED.’ You know, the truth!”

Those commenting to James Woods noted:

“James, I raise buffalo, don’t send her to me.”

“Yep she has been drinking too much firewater.”

“You forgot the capitalize TRAILS.”

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