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Joe Biden wants to grant amnesty to 6.5 million immigrants

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Joe Biden wants to grant amnesty to 6.5 million immigrants

The Congressional Budget Office has taken a look at Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act, and is warning that the plans there would grant amnesty to some 6.5 million illegal aliens in the United States, giving them government benefits.

The Washington Examiner said the federal office charged with reviewing the costs of pending legislation explained Biden’s plan would give parole immediately to the “noncitizens” who live in the US “largely as a result of illegally crossing the southern border before January 2011.”

They would be made “lawfully present” instantly.

The report explained it is the largest amnesty plan ever considered, “double the size of the one that went through during the Reagan administration in 1986”.

The CBO explained, “Many of those parolees would subsequently receive lawful permanent resident (LPR) status. A few million other people, most of whom are already in the United States, would gain LPR status through the provisions … or as immediate relatives of those who gain LPR status under the bill”.

So any of those individuals who are eligible for any federal benefit programs, such as health-insurance subsidies under Obamacare, Medicaid, the earned income and child tax credits, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Social Security and Medicare would be able to start collecting those immediately.

The Examiner said the study found about three million of the 6.5 million would be eligible to become lawful permanent residents, the prerequisite for applying to become a US citizen.

“The conservative Center for Immigration Studies concluded that the bill doing away with the requirement that children have a Social Security number for a parent to obtain the child tax credit could result in $10.5 billion being paid out”, the report said.

The CBO also reported that even though giving millions of illegals the ability to work legally and pay taxes, which would boost federal revenue over the next 10 years, the program still causes a surge in the federal deficit.

At WCTI Channel 12, a report explained the plan, H.R. 5376, was adopted by the House on Nov. 19, but still has to go through the Senate.

There, it faces opposition from all Republicans as well as several Democrat senators, who each have the ability to stop the plan in the 50-50 Democrat-Republican Senate.

The report noted Dan Stein, of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, pointed out, “All eyes are now on the Senate to strip these provisions from the bill as it makes its way to the other side of the Hill”.

The Senate parliamentarian already has rejected two attempts by Democrats to use the reconciliation process to grant millions of illegal residents and non-US citizens amnesty.

Stein continued, “In the short-term, the immigration provisions of the bill would result in even more illegal immigration and cost burdens on American taxpayers. In the long-term, as the people gaining amnesty become eligible for the full panoply of public benefits, the price tag will balloon above a trillion”.

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