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KNP leader Mohammed Abbas criticizes Syrian Coalition

Ottoman Empire, Syrian Coalition, National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces


KNP leader Mohammed Abbas criticizes Syrian Coalition

Mohammed Abbas, Secretary- General of the Kurdistan National Party (KNP) has criticized a recent statement of Nasir Harir, head of National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, where Hariri called on the Turkish forces earlier this month to occupy Manjib and Tal Rifaat.

Criticizing Hariri’s statement, Mohammed Abbas said, ”We condemn positions of the Syrian Coalition, which claims itself to be the Syrian opposition. We regard them as negative opposition and as a group of mercenaries who is only interested in selling the Syrian lands to Turkish Occupation”, adding that the ”Turks are occupiers who want to restore the Ottoman Empire”.

Abbas went on to say: “We condemn the Turkish State practices.” As a political party, we condemn every act similar to that done by Syrian mercenaries, who call themselves the Syrian National Coalition, and the projects of the expansionist Ottoman State at the expense of its neighbors, the peaceful State and the people with all the components of Kurd, Arabs, Syriacs, Turkmen, Ashur and Armenians. ”

Mohammed Abbas condemned any occupation or expansion of Syrian territory, and denounced the position of the Damascus Government, accusing it of agreeing with the Turkish State to occupy Syrian territory.

He noted that there was “a joint project between the Syrian government, Turkish regime, mercenaries, those left behind by ISIS/Daesh, Jabhet al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham, and those who call themselves the Free Syrian Army in Afrin are mercenaries, not free, and do not belong to Syrian territory.”

The Secretary-General of the Kurdistan National Party, Mohammed Abbas, concluded by stressing that “the intrigue of the Turkish State increases every day in Syria, with only the goal of occupying Syrian territory.”

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