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Matteo Salvini’s political motto is “Common sense at ruling” – this must be kept in mind if we want to understand his attitude – Pierre Chiartano


Matteo Salvini’s political motto is “Common sense at ruling” – this must be kept in mind if we want to understand his attitude – Pierre Chiartano

Italian Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is scheduled to pay a two-day visit to Israel from December 11 to 12. This visit is taking place at a time when Mr. Salvini is seen as the next Prime Minister of Italy. Commenting on this visit, Contributing Editor of Blitz, Pierre Chiartano has said, “Matteo Salvini will visit Israel on December 11th and 12th to meet with Israeli President Reuven Revlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Vice Minister Michael Oren and Gilad Erdan, Minister of Strategic Affairs and with the Italian Jewish community in that country. It will be no surprise if Mr. Salvini shows interest in Israeli products and systems for borders security as well as anti-terrorism security measures even if the Italian intelligence and anti-terrorism agencies have done an effective job in preventing jihadist attacks in our country so far.”

“Matteo Salvini piles up a double role as Italian Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister. Furthermore, he plays the major role in the government despite the fact that his party, the Lega, actually obtained only half the number of seats in the Parliament than the Five Star Movement (M5S), the ruling party. Recent polls give Salvini an outstanding increase in people support; around 36-34 percent compared with 15 percent of the March 2018 vote. His political motto is “Common sense at ruling” – this must be kept in mind if we want to understand his attitude. It is a better label than the “far-right” party given to the new Lega by foreign media and a part of the Italian opposition, because voters are fed up with ideology, politically correct narrative and failed globalization policies that brought Italy on the verge of economic stagnation and poverty for large layers of the once middle class.

“Last June, Salvini refused to let the Search and Rescue (SAR) boat “Aquarius” dock in Italy after it had picked up refugees from near the shore of Libya. It was a symbolic action, but it turned the Italian attitude toward a wide open policy. Even the previous government’s Minister of Interior started to decrease the number of dockings of boat people under the pressure of the public opinion, but it was too late, too little. Salvini’s approach steeply stopped refugee arrival to Italy. Over a few months, the migrant’s number dropped from 117.000 in 2017 to 23.000 by November 30th 2018 (data by the Ministry of Interior). The real problem is to sign as many deals as needed with countries of origin, otherwise it will be not be possible to send back home illegal migrants. That is the real challenge that Salvini has to face in the next months.

“Thanks to a swap with Brussels achieved by former PM Matteo Renzi, since 2013 Italy had been flooded with more than 600,000 immigrants. Ms. Emma Bonino, a notorious pro-immigrant politician – for heterogeneys of purposes –revealed Renzi’s agreement with the EU to make Italy the only port for migrants, in violation of the Dublin pact. Of course thousands of “refugees” were out of any control or vetting/integration program due to poor management – there was no master plan from the government. Renzi was in hurry to gain more flexibility on budget from the EU on the verge of European vote. He promised a sort of foolish “open gate” to migrants without any solid integration framework. Hence, a mass of illegal aliens fueled the criminal workforce and ignited hundreds of violent episodes across the country damaging the image of a majority of well integrated aliens and spreading a sense of danger and social disease among Italians. It was a political blunder that helped, among other reasons, the rise of populist and sovereigntist parties.”

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