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Pakistani mullah blames “immodest women” for coronavirus


Pakistani mullah blames “immodest women” for coronavirus

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The underlying assumption here is that the coronavirus is an expression of Allah’s wrath against those who do not obey his laws. So the solution is to implement Sharia. This kind of thinking leads to jihad violence, because a hadith depicts Muhammad telling his followers that no deed is greater than jihad (Bukhari 56.4.2785), which leads inexorably to the idea that jihad will be the best cure for coronavirus.

During a pre-Ramzan live telethon, Maulana Tariq Jameel blamed ‘immodest women’ for causing coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan. He said that ‘behaya‘ (immodest) women are a national issue and curing the nation of immodesty might lead to a better tomorrow.

Earlier, in a video of a sermon that had gone viral on social media, preacher and Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel openly objectifies and sexualizes women to an audience of hundreds of men. While explaining the concept of hoories in Islam, he says that the men who enter paradise will be greeted by 72 virgin women, hoors, who will be there to serve them as a reward from Allah.

He also described those virgins as dressed in multiple outfits and a new makeup look with each outfit and a different fragrance. He added that the said virgin will not be wearing any undergarments and the men will be able to see her body through the hundred dresses that she’s wearing.

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