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People’s Liberation Army ensures China’s peace

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People’s Liberation Army ensures China’s peace

August 1, marked the 94th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. As a retired veteran who served in the military for 11 years, I would like to say a few words. Writes Hu Xijin

As a major power on the cusp of geopolitics, China must change the traditional view of “training an army for a thousand days to use it for one day.”  The idea that we may never use the troops even after maintaining them for a long time is even more inappropriate. The fact is: we use troops every day. We build deterrence with them, which can help safeguard national security. We also use the army to shape the outside world’s attitude toward us every day.

How powerful is China’s nuclear weapon arsenal? How much are China’s military expenditures? And how far can China’s fleet go? These are key parts of China’s comprehensive strength. They are also one of the sources where the world’s confidence in China’s political system, economic prospects, and the country’s comprehensive competitiveness stems from.

We may not be involved in wars for a long time. But it’s precisely the army that has ensured China is dignified and inviolable. It drives away the risks of war that approach us again and again, even though we aren’t aware of this. The state is the outermost shield for our personal interests, while the army is the cornerstone of that shield. With the intensifying of China-US confrontation, the PLA will bear more duties in defending the country’s national interests. We are able to enjoying colorful city and idyllic rural lives because the army maintains combat readiness and soldiers are on the alert at all hours at our borders.

Look at how hostile politicians in the US and US’ allies are against China.  How many times have they impulsively attempted to crush China? They have racked their brains trying to make the island of Taiwan “independent” and send the Dalai Lama back to Tibet. But they cool down and realize that those ideas are naïve when they realize the existence of China’s DF-41ICBM and nuclear submarines in the deep seas. It is more in their interests to peacefully play a game with Beijing, and not to step on China’s bottom line.

We use the PLA every day, every moment. Let’s express our sincere respect to the army, offering them all the support we can give. I wish all the soldiers and their families, especially my comrades-in-arms, a happy Army Day.

Hu Xijin is editor-in-chief of the Global Times.

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