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Praiseworthy green initiative of Saudi Crown Prince

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Praiseworthy green initiative of Saudi Crown Prince

All of them are initiatives and projects the Crown Prince has envisioned with his deep thought, copious ideas and enlightened awareness, so as to summon and kindle the energies and bring ideas and concepts closer to the people’s understanding. As a result, they would accept the ideas, and deem them achievable and not farfetched. Writes Najeeb Yamani

It is impossible in any way to separate the “Green Saudi Arabia” and “Green Middle East” initiatives, announced by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman recently, and what preceded them since the announcement of the “The Line” project earlier, because of the close link between these three initiatives and projects, and other projects. 

All these are derived from a mind that works outside the “box”, thought that goes beyond the prevalent norm, and an ambition transcending into the vast future horizons, while taking into consideration the facts and data of concrete, tangible reality, and not giving into exaggerated imaginations, and relying on using the tools of what is possible and available, but not those based on wishful thinking.

All of them are initiatives and projects the Crown Prince has envisioned with his deep thought, copious ideas and enlightened awareness, so as to summon and kindle the energies and bring ideas and concepts closer to the people’s understanding. As a result, they would accept the ideas, and deem them achievable and not farfetched.

In the perspective of the Crown Prince and due to his determination and resolve, these projects are attainable, perceptible, and can be achieved with creative work.

When you carefully ponder these three projects and initiatives, many intuitions intersect in your mind, and many perceptions intertwine in your imagination, united by a solid thread of admiration and amazement at the thought, mind, and awareness of the Crown Prince, who created the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which has always marveled the world with its creative initiative.

The harmonization between technical progress in its highest manifestations, and the preservation of the environment and nature in a way that guarantees a balanced life for the human being, are inseparable from development and progress. Nor will it wreak havoc with the components of nature to the extent of depriving man from enjoying life and leading to crises and disasters.

The importance of the “Green Saudi” and “Green Middle East” initiatives is evident in several important and fundamental points, most important of which are the conditions the world is witnessing today — turbulent climate and global warming — which in their entirety, are a natural outcome of the industrial race led by industrialized countries. They are not taking the necessary precautions, resulting in carbon emissions.

These have led to this catastrophic reality, with more natural disasters looming unless everyone moves towards a joint work system that puts a limit to this dangerous environmental decline. Meanwhile, to bridge the differences, the major industrialized countries have always tried to reach a common, conciliatory formula.

However, comparatively, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is clearly many steps ahead of them, and the gap between the Kingdom and these countries is widening, as Saudi Arabia is advancing further with big strides. It is taking the lead in environmental reform through these initiatives that its prudent leadership is determined to carry out, with awareness, insight, and good opinion.

These initiatives are a lesson to be learned by the whole world, when they realize their importance, as the initiatives are from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which in terms of geographical nature and data is less fortunate in expanding greenery and vegetation cover. The reason is that there are no flowing rivers, no arable lands and no rain, except for a small cultivated area, whereas the remaining vast areas are mostly deserts.

Despite this, its leadership has a clear vision and awareness, and the resolve to take on the challenges and difficulties, and turn this desert into oases and open green areas. Hence, the Kingdom seeks to strike a balance between its status as the most prominent producer of global energy and in urging all to focus on Green ideas.

Wasn’t this point asserted by the Crown Prince when he announced the two initiatives, saying: “As a leading, pioneering global oil producer, we are fully aware of our share of the responsibility in advancing the fight against the climate crisis, and just as our pioneering role is in stabilizing energy markets during the oil and gas era, we will work to lead the coming green era.”

There is no doubt that this ambition is great, the view is further ahead, and the vision is lavish, as it foresees the planting of 10 billion trees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the coming decades, equivalent to the rehabilitation of about 40 million hectares of degraded lands.

This means an increase in the current area covered by trees to 12 times as much. Hence, the Kingdom’s contribution represents more than 4 percent in achieving the goals of the global initiative to reduce land degradation and fungal habitats, and one percent of the global target for planting a trillion trees.

It will also work to raise the percentage of protected areas to over 30 percent of its land area, which is estimated at 600,000 sq. kilometers, to exceed the current global target of protecting 17 percent of the lands of each country, in addition to a number of initiatives to protect the marine and coastal environment.

Despite the two initiatives being of such importance and even more, it is incumbent upon all of us to contribute to their success, and to achieve the goals that we have referred to some of them by hinting, by expanding the area of vegetation cover in our surroundings and our environment as much as possible, preserving the existing ones, and stopping the needy woodcutters, who are destroying the green areas, despite their scarcity and scantiness.

Our future will be green, with success granted by Allah, and thanks to the determination, awareness, and resolve of our prudent leadership, backed by their loving people, who owe them loyalty and obedience, in what pleases Allah Almighty.

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