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Sacked FBI chief Comey was ‘Driven by ego, lacked self-discipline’, says Jeff Session


Sacked FBI chief Comey was ‘Driven by ego, lacked self-discipline’, says Jeff Session

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Fired FBI Director James Comey was “driven by ego, lacked self-discipline and lacked the judgment necessary to lead an agency as critical as the FBI,” charges former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Now a candidate for U.S. senator, Sessions has written an open letter assuring Alabama voters of his steadfast support for President Trump and explaining some of the events that happened during his time as head of the Justice Department.

Sessions is now in a runoff with another Republican for the party’s nomination. He was a longtime U.S. senator before his appointment by Trump.

Sessions said Comey’s poor judgment was “evidenced by the completely improper way he declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton.”

The reference was to the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s transfer of classified information on an insecure private server.

Sessions said in his letter was his “setting the record straight.”

He addressed the controversial decision to recuse himself from handling the Russia collusion claims.

“As the world knows, the president disagreed with me on recusal, but I did what the law required me to do. I was a central figure in the campaign and was also a subject of and witness in the investigation and could obviously not legally be involved in investigating myself. If I had ignored and broken the law, the Democrats would have used that to severely damage the president,” he explained.

“Some have asked, why take the job as attorney general if I knew I would have to recuse myself from the investigation? I knew no such thing. I wasn’t informed of Comey’s secret investigation until after I became attorney general, and the investigation wasn’t publicly confirmed by the FBI until weeks after my recusal.”

He charged that the investigation into claims of Russia collusion “was a disruptive and prolonged fiasco for America and especially for President Trump, and a massive waste of money chasing the deep-state myth of Russian collusion.”

“Recently disclosed documents also reveal the extent of former FBI Director James Comey’s underhanded efforts to undermine our president. One thing you may not know is that I advised from the beginning of the administration that Comey should be removed and the FBI given a fresh start,” he said.

He said his principles, like his faith, are “immovable and non-negotiable.”

“I endorsed President Trump because he had the incredible strength of will and the guts to stand up for the right things, for ending illegal immigration, for protecting American workers, and for stopping endless wars. I’m glad I did,” he wrote.

U.S. Attorney John Durham is conducting a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia-collusion investigation.


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