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The fascist religious authority in Iran is responsible for the murder of Romina Ashrafi and the like

Mehdi Oghbai, National Assembly for the Iranian Resistance, Romina Ashrafi, Iran, Khamenei


The fascist religious authority in Iran is responsible for the murder of Romina Ashrafi and the like

Mehdi Oghbai, a member of the National Assembly for the Iranian Resistance, said in a written statement about the murder of Romina Ashrafi that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is responsible for this crime with regard to the first responsible in the system.

He added: The Iranian resistance condemned the heinous and horrific murder of Romina Ashrafi, at the hands of her father, and considered this killing a direct result of the repressive policies and laws dating back to the centuries of darkness in the mullahs’ regime that encourages and reinforces brutality and oppression against girls and women in law and practice.

Mehdi Oghbai said that we have repeatedly emphasized that the religious fascism ruling Iran is the first and last responsible for the killing of Romina Ashrafi and her ilk that occur in Iran from time to time.

Khamenei wrote through his account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Society, from a legal and moral standpoint, must deal strictly with those who consider the violation of women their right, and the law should provide for strict penalties in this regard”.

Oghbai added: Khamenei’s statement, the criminal who is the first responsible for this regime and of course for this crime, is throwing dust in the eyes because if he wanted to defend “women from a legal and moral standpoint” he had to deal sternly with those who handed Romina to her executioner and he had to deal Strictly with the institutions of the regime that deal with women violently and brutally suppress women.

And he added: Under Khamenei’s rule, there are two distinguishing features of violence against women: firstly, violence takes place under the auspices of the government and secondly, it is institutionalized in law and promoted, so this incident cannot reconsider the legal provisions related to such incidents because the regime Himself enacts these provisions and encourages such dealing.

He continued, “This is why we see that the mullahs’ government has one of the highest statistics on violence against women.” Officials of the Khamenei regime itself admit that violence against women has risen dramatically in recent years, while regime experts have revealed that 66% of Iranian women have experienced violence in their lifetime. Scholars and social experts in the system also acknowledge that the legal, judicial, and security structures have been set up in a way that allows men to use force and violence against women.

Oghbai emphasized: The constitution and laws of the regime ruled by Khamenei encourage forced early marriage, child abuse, domestic violence and honor killings. How does Khamenei talk about women’s rights?

He added, “The biggest proof of this is what the media wrote in the mullahs’ regime that the court that forced Romina to return to her father’s house, where Romina cried and insisted many times that if she returns home, her father will kill her, but the brutal criminal who bears the name of The judge, he handed Romina to her father according to the mullahs’ regime that violates Islam and humanity and sent her to the altar, so where was Khamenei when the judge issued this ruling.

Is this judge not under the command of the judicial authority of the Khamenei regime and the judicial authority of the regime headed by the serial killer Ebrahim Raisi, this criminal who is directly linked to Khamenei himself?

Of course, this is not the first time that Khamenei and his fraudulent regime have killed people, then shed crocodile tears on them and attend their funerals.

They even unashamedly consider them martyrs in their own dictionary.

What angered the families of the victims is that Khamenei did the same to the martyrs of the November 2019 uprising when he killed more than 1,500 people to maintain his order, then sent Shamkhani and those who ordered the direct killing to the homes of the victims to appease and console them.

Then they did the same with the Ukrainian plane, when they killed with several missiles the 176 innocent passengers on board, which they later considered a simple human error and then visited the families of the victims to console them.

In the most recent example, in the wake of the anger of the people of Ghazaniya in Ahvas due to the cutting off of their drinking water, and the injury of a child after the repressive police forces opened fire on the protesters, Imam Khamenei ran in Ahvas, fearing the outbreak of the uprising and social protests, to visit the injured young man, and says: I apologize to this great teenager.”

God damn you who shoot and then go and apologize.

Is it for you and for what you worship?

Oghbai stressed that Khamenei’s inhumane regime’s permitting the practice of “honor crimes” and in accordance with Article 220 of the Islamic Penal Code, which does not take revenge on the blood guardian, i.e. the father, and turns the issue of retribution into the issue of paying blood money and punishment, is what encourages such people to commit these crimes. heinous crimes.

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