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The World Health Organization has on purpose spread fake information


The World Health Organization has on purpose spread fake information

Anita Mathur

President Donald Trump has announced he was suspending US funding for the World Health Organization (WHO). It should be noted, US is the single largest donor to the United Nations, although the world organization has greatly tilted towards anti-US bloc, particularly Iran. During the past few decades, the UN gradually has turned into the epicenter of promoting antisemitism and patronizing the enemies of the US and Israel in particular.

The World Health Organization is accused of spreading misleading information about the coronavirus situation in the world while it has also been accused of publishing fake forecasts on the possible consequence of the pandemic. Such notoriety of WHO was proved when it had published a report stating over two million people would die in Bangladesh due to Covid-19 pandemic.

It was later learnt that the WHO forecast on Bangladesh was particularly influenced by a controversial Nobel laureate, who had also used his connections with the Democratic Party in the US and finally succeeded in getting the fake report on Bangladesh published by WHO.

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