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Traditional attire of Korean children


Traditional attire of Korean children

Rainbow-striped clothes are a traditional costume for Korean children.

It is a national custom in Korea that parents have their child dressed in rainbow-striped clothes on his or her first birthday.

In the DPRK, lovely children wearing rainbow-striped clothes can be seen anywhere on holidays or rest days.

On folk holidays, children in rainbow-striped clothes would play diverse folk games.

Clothes for young girls are a rainbow-colored jacket and a crimson skirt and those for young boys a rainbow-colored jacket, trousers with a cloth belt attached and a jumper with sleeves of many-colored stripes or headgear. Sleeves of the jacket are colored silk cloth and colors of collar and breast tie are red.

With peculiar and distinctive harmony of colors, rainbow-striped clothes are regarded as national heritages that can not be found in other countries.

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